Tuxford Town Council

Serving the people of Tuxford

Clerk: Clare Fox
The Beeches Community Centre
Birch Court, Tuxford
Nottinghamshire NG22 0NF

Tel: 01777 870192

Could I be a councillor?

Could I be a councillor?

The easy answer is, "almost definitely". If you are:

  • British or a citizen of the Commonwealth or European Union
  • At least 18 years old
  • Registered to vote in Tuxford or have lived, worked, or owned property in Tuxford for at least 12 months before an election

You cannot be a councillor if you:

  • Work for Tuxford Town Council you want to be a councillor for, or for another local authority in a political restricted post
  • Are the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order or interim order
  • Have been sentenced to prison for three months or more (including suspended sentences) during the 5 years before election day
  • Have been convicted of a corrupt or illegal practice by an election court

If you are in any doubt about whether you are eligible to stand as a councillor, you should contact the electoral services department at Bassetlaw District Council for advice.

I do not think I have the time…

How much time you spend on your duties as a councillor is largely up to you and will depend on the commitments you take on.

Your role within the council will determine how much time you spend on council duties. Joining a planning committee, for example, will increase your workload. You will be expected to attend some council committee meetings, which are often held in the evening so that councillors can attend after work.

The council currently meet on the third Thursday of every month, at 7pm.

As with most things in life, what you get back will depend on how much you put in. But remember, the amount of time you give to it is almost entirely up to you.

Why should I become a councillor?

There are many reasons why people decide to become a councillor. They include:

  • Wanting to make a difference and be involved in shaping the future of the local community
  • Being concerned about your local area and wanting to ensure that the community gets the right services
  • Wanting to represent the views of local people and ensure that community interests are considered
  • Wanting to pursue your political beliefs
  • Wanting to contribute your business or professional skills
  • Concerns about one particular issue

If you would like further information on the 5 vacancies please contact the Clerk by email: clerk@tuxfordtowncouncil.gov.uk or by contacting 07483 165067

Posted: Fri, 05 Jun 2020 20:27 by Clare Fox

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