Tuxford Town Council

Serving the people of Tuxford

Clerk: Lynda Donaldson
The Beeches Community Centre
Birch Court, Tuxford
Nottinghamshire NG22 0NF

Tel: 01777 870192

Tuxford Town Council

Tuxford consists of 2,813 residents from the 2021 census.

Tuxford Town Council currently has 15 voluntary Councillors serving a four-year term ending in 2027, with no vacancies, together with 4 members of staff (Town Clerk and 3 Grounds Maintenance Operatives).

Council Meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of every month (Full Council). Planning is held on the first Thursday of every month and Finance and Services Committee Meetings are held quarterly on the first Thursday of that month (July, October, January and April)

See the diary of meetings for more information.

Who we are & what we do

Parish Council Elections


Our councillors are elected or co-opted. They do not get paid, receive a salary or an expenses allowance, they volunteer their time for the community.

There are currently 15 Councillors and no vvacancies

Our Staff

Clare Fox

Clerk & Responsibile Financial Officer to the Parish Council

Clare is Clerk, Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer of the Town Council. She carries out all functions expected by law of such an officer and undertakes all administrative duties of the Council. Our Grounds Maintenance Staff report to the Clerk, who in turn reports to the Town Council.

The Clerk's duties include but are not limited to:

  • Ensure that the Council is run in accordance with the law and abides by statute.
  • Maintain financial records of the Council and prepare records for audit
  • Prepare the Council's Budget
  • Submit the Precept Requirement to Bassetlaw Council
  • Monitor and Process Staff wages, PAYE and HMRC returns
  • Ensure the Council has adequate Insurance Cover.
  • Work with the Chairman and other members as appropriate
  • Prepare and issue the Council Agendas
  • Produce the minutes of the meetings
  • Provide appropriate legal and practical advise to the Council members
  • Obtain quotes for tenders
  • Receive, Study & Reply to all correspondence on behalf of the Council.
  • Deal with phone inquiries for the Council
  • Carry out proactive research for the Council suggesting ways to improve procedures or services of the parish.
  • Supervise staff and undertake tasks in connection with salaries and conditions of employment
  • Act as a representative of the Council and attend meetings
  • Liaise with the District Council and County Council on matters of concern to the Town Council
  • Maintain contact with the local District Councillor and County Councillor
  • Prepare press releases for the Council
  • Act as a point of contact for residents within the Town and for outside bodies.
The Beeches Community Centre
Birch Court
01777 870192

Simon McCarthy

Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

Simon McCarthy's duties include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance and management of all Tuxford Town Council owned open spaces within Tuxford, including grass cutting, strimming, litter picking and general repairs.
  • Maintenance and management of open areas contracted to Tuxford Town Council by Bassetlaw Housing, including grass cutting, strimming and litter picking.
  • Maintenance and management of open spaces contracted to Tuxford Town Council by Nottinghamshire County Council, including grass cutting and strimming.
  • Water and maintain the town's hanging baskets, tubs and flower beds.
  • To carry out general horticultural maintenance, including basic pruning, weeding, hoeing, planting and clearing up.
  • Litter picking.
  • To carry out Nottinghamshire County Council Lengthsman Tasks as and when required.
  • To carry out any other tasks as requested by the The Town Clerk.

You might see Simon working in all weathers, keeping the Town looking good. If there's a message for Simon or you have noticed something which could do with his attention, please either email or telephone the Clerk.

01777 870192

Adrian Holmes

Grounds Maintenance Operative

Danial Munday

Grounds Maintenance Operative